Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Bouquet

A few weeks ago we drove through Colorado and had seen all the aspens changing a beautiful golden yellow. I have been sort of disappointed since then noticing that very few trees here in Denver have begun to change colors.  I guess it just hasn’t been cold enough.

Anyways, I wanted to have some fall colors around our place but I really didn’t want to go buy some fake leaves at the store.

1) They aren’t as good as the real thing.

2) They just look fake.

3) If I don’t have to spend $$ I don’t want to.

So, Marie and I went for a walk today to see if we could find some festive fall leaves and, to my surprise, we did! 


I was a little hesitant to just walk around our neighborhood, imagining some home owner running out his front door yelling at me for pulling branches off his trees.  Luckily, we have a nice path that runs through a park across the street and then follows a city drainage way.  I kept to the path thinking whatever I could find along the path would be city land and not private property.

We found lots of beautiful leaves and even some berries!



These were some of my favorites, I just love the multiple colors on one leaf!

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