Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sleepy Smiles, Beer and the Farmer’s Market

Sort of random title but it’s what’s going on around here…

Leah just warms my heart every time she falls asleep in my lap and then breaks out her little smile.  She must have some great dreams - maybe about milk and cuddles?


Recently, Marie discovered our recycle bin in the closet and has since decided that it’s one of her favorite places to explore.  I’m constantly telling her to get out and stay out (there are sharp cans in there) but she seems to have developed a serious case of selective hearing – to my constant frustration.   So we’ll probably be finding a new storage solution soon.

This morning she dug up a treasure and Tyler decided to snap her picture.

Beer or milk – which will it be?


Every Wednesday and Saturday mornings in the summer there is a farmer’s market not far from where we live.  I decided to go check it out this morning with the girls and see what was available.

The selection is much smaller on Wednesday mornings but so is the crowd so it was fun to just stroll through and not worry about pushing a stroller and being in the way of others.


There was fresh produce, organic soaps, pretty pottery,  and lots of vendors selling specialty foods.  It smelled so good my mouth was watering the whole time! 

Thank goodness they give out free samples or I would have been seriously tempted to lay over some big bucks for just a taste of all the different foods!


I was also tempted to come home with a one of these sweet little flower bouquets, but it wasn’t meant to be.

I really wanted to plant some flowers this spring/summer for our balcony, but with us being gone on trips I didn’t want to invest in flowers that would end up being neglected and die.  Maybe next year…

Hope you all are having a great start to your summer!


  1. Ohhhh, what a cutie! Leah, you look like your Mommy! And Big Sis, who is the beer drinker in your house, huh? Daddy or Mommy?


  2. AH! I LOVE the picture of Marie! How hilarious. Plus, the picture of Leah is so beautiful. Love when they smile in their sleep ;^)

  3. Jann - neither of us are much into beer, but it sure makes great beer bread! And good to have for guests...