Saturday, December 3, 2011

Moving, Christmas and Visitors

We’ve moved! 

It’s been a crazy few months of packing boxes, unpacking boxes, trying to get settled and preparing for Advent and visitors.

I had good intentions of taking pictures of our apartment in upheaval from moving, but just didn’t get to it… and unpacking everything was pretty quick and painless (thank goodness!).

We’re slowing getting our Advent and Christmas décor out and enjoying the season!


Waiting for Jesus…


My dad came to visit and brought us a huge wreath for our door.  I love it!


Enjoying a snowy (but sunny!) day.

For those who are curious to see some pictures of our new house – this is part of our deck and backyard.


And our uber white kitchen, which is a welcome change from our very narrow and very dark kitchen in our previous apartment!


We’ve also been busy in the last week or so getting our extra bedrooms ready for our visitors (CFR’s from New York City) who are staying with us for a week.  They are in the Denver area helping FOCUS put on a retreat and visiting some of our Colorado campuses.

Tyler got this shot of them this morning just before they headed up to Fort Collins for the day.  I hope they don’t come back with frostbite on their toes!


  1. Awww! I love the photos, especially of the CFRs!

  2. Your new home looks lovely! Go CSRs! A grace-filled Advent to all of you Koldens.