Thursday, September 23, 2010

Camping in Utah

We traveled to Arches National Park in Utah this last weekend with some friends and had a really great time! I thought I would share some of the pictures we took of our adventures.

This was our drive through the mountains in Colorado. It was so pretty and there were so many beautiful aspens all golden yellow (not shown).

Setting up our tent in the dark. It's a good thing we brought a good lantern!

Marie playing in the tent when she should have been sleeping. We had a very eventful first night in the tent due to someone not going to bed until very early in the morning!

We took a small detour our first day to another national park near our campground which as you can guess had many spectacular canyons.

Spectacular canyon with Green River running through it.

We went on a hike and there were lots of logs that had these beautiful windswept grooves in them.

We saw lots of arches. Notice the sheer drop off and the huge crack running down the side of the arch where it joins with the rock? People would walk across this arch... but not me!

Another large arch that is wearing pretty thin!


The famous Delicate Arch at sundown. I was actually really impressed with how large it was. If you look closely there is a little man standing under the arch to give it some perspective.

Overall it was a great trip. A bit hot and grueling at times hiking under the sweltering sun, but the scenery was well worth it.

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