Friday, September 24, 2010

Sleeping In

Since Marie came into our lives there have been very few late mornings. Lately, Marie has developed some sort of internal alarm clock which goes off within minutes of 6 am everyday! I am not a morning person (which I’m sure my husband could attest to), and so there are times when Marie’s early morning wakeup call puts me in a less than chipper mood. A few days ago was one of those days.

When I get desperate for a little more pillow time I’ll bring Marie into our bed. Ok, Tyler brings her into our bed because I’m trying to pretend she isn’t awake yet. Aren’t I a good mom? Don’t answer that. I do this in hopes that she will magically fall back asleep and we can both get a little more shut eye. This rarely happens. Usually she’ll fuss all the louder because she’s awake and we’re around and that means play time!

So the other day when I was tired and didn’t feel like facing the sunless sky, we tried for a miracle once again. And it worked! Marie fell peacefully asleep on my shoulder.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ll take what I can get. But trying to sleep with a little head on your shoulder is not the easiest thing! I was trying to get comfortable, but didn’t want to move an inch in fear that she might wake back up and thus end my added sleep time. So we made it work and I somehow dosed back to dreamland.


I mainly wrote this post just to share this cute photo with you all. I think Marie just looks so adorable all cuddled close on my shoulder (however uncomfortable it was) and want to thank my husband for capturing this shot while we were both asleep.
Just ignore my disheveled morning hair!


  1. Lynelle, such a beautiful photo! Baker is an early riser too...sometimes as early as 5:00 am... someday they will learn how wonderful sleep is!

  2. Oh....this picture is SO sweet! I love sleeping with my babies, in fact, now that none of them sleep with me anymore, seeing a picture like this makes me tear up a little!
    Really, you should frame this one. So beautiful.
    Also - I wish I looked that good while sleeping. ;-)

  3. I agree with Andrea! Frame it! Both of you look so beautiful ;^)