Monday, January 17, 2011

I’m On a Hunt for Paperwhites

It’s no secret that I have a black thumb.  I have successfully killed every plant that Tyler and I have ever owned (except for his 10+ year old cactus that I would LOVE to kill).

Recently, I heard about paperwhites and how they are a great winter plant to have because they sprout and bloom so quickly and don’t require much attention.


Did I hear “don’t require attention”?  Sign me up!

All you have to do is throw the bulbs in a dish with some rocks/soil/whatever and give them a little water every once in a while.  The bulbs will sprout and bloom in as little as three weeks.  Then, once the blooms are done you just throw it out! 

It sort of excites me that it has such a short life span, it’s less stress on my end to try to keep it alive!


In the last week I have been to three (THREE!) nurseries and all of them have either been closed until the spring or not open when their website said they were, grrr!

I’m determined to get my hands on some and give our little place a dose of winter cheer.

If you want to plant some too, here is a link with a few tips!


  1. Just buy them on amazon! Funny you should post on this b/c one of the FOCUS wives passed this idea on to me and it will be in the next newsletter due out in February! Home Depot might have them too.

  2. I just saw some at our Trader Joe's if you have one nearby!