Thursday, January 13, 2011

This is NOT Your Average Tomato Soup

I think it was last summer (when I was still addicted to the Food Network) that I was watching an episode of Barefoot Contessa with Tyler and she was making some homemade tomato soup.

It didn’t really inspire me because growing up I’d never really liked it.  Granted all I knew of tomato soup was what came out of a Campbell’s soup can.

As the show finished Tyler turned to me and said that I should try to make it… I guess it spoke to him more than me.  So that next week I gathered all the ingredients to make it and when Tyler and I sat down to eat it my whole attitude towards tomato soup changed forever.


I’m telling you, this is nothing like what comes out of a can from the store!  It’s got zip and personality – if a soup can have such a thing.

Here’s the link to the recipe if you decide to try it – which you should! I heard last week that January is National Soup Month which to me is the perfect excuse.

Cream of Fresh Tomato Soup

The last time I made this soup I decided that it would be good to pair it with a grilled cheese sandwich (how original).  But not just an ordinary grilled cheese sandwich mind you.  I sort of splurged and decided to make Pioneer Woman's Favorite Sandwich which has probably become my favorite sandwich too – they are sooo good.

Happy cooking!

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