Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saturday Trip to the Zoo

This weekend, we decided it would be nice to take a family ‘trip’ since once baby #2 comes along I’m guessing it will be awhile before we get out and about as a family.

Marie has been learning all of her animal noises and we thought it would be fun for her to see some of the animals she knows in the flesh.  So off to the zoo we went!


She recognized the tigers (‘roar!’)…


but wasn’t too sure about the giraffes.  We haven’t learned about them yet since I don’t know what sounds they make!



She recognized the polar bear (‘roar!) and liked watching it stalk the geese.  You can also watch how we almost got hit by a peacock in flight!


We saw a sea lion demonstration with a sea lion named Bismarck!


Marie liked all the colorful and big fish in the aquarium exhibit.


It was a great day!


P.S. I’ll update you on my finished headboard project soon, I’ve been slacking on getting that post written!

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