Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Babies… and their messes

Since our precious Leah has been home (almost three weeks now!) both Tyler and I have been reminded what having a newborn around is like.  Some good, and some bad…

With Marie being 18 months old, the days of sleepy smiles and tiny baby feet seemed almost like a distant dream.  Thankfully though, the days of projectile poop and milky spit up also seemed but a distant memory to us… until now.  Leah has reminded us that you need to be prepared at all times for anything!


We’ll spare you photos of projectile poop, but be sure Leah has shared more than we would care for.  Above is a photo Tyler took this last weekend.  Notice how we were prepared for any messes with a blanket on the floor and even a burp cloth below Leah’s head to catch any spit up that might spontaneously come out?

Well, both weren’t enough because she managed to spit up (barely at all on herself) but way past the burp cloth and even beyond the blanket.  All of this happened, of course, just after I had gotten her dressed and we were about to leave the house.              

With all these messes we are happy that cleanups can be a bit easier now.  Her umbilical cord fell off and now she can join Marie in the tub for bath time, which she seemed to enjoy!


Hopefully updates on tiny baby feet and sleepy smiles will come soon.  It’s important to share the the good along with the ugly!


  1. She's beautiful! Congratulations! We certainly know what you mean about being reminded of the many differences between a newborn and an older child. =)

  2. Oh, she is so stinkin' cute!!